What age do I have to be to ride the GC Wake Park?

GC Wake Park is for riders of all ages from 6 years and up. Those under 18 need to be accompanied to the park by an adult and be able to ride independently.

Do we need to book?

No, riders using the main cable can turn up and ride anytime during our opening hours. For the Cable Wakeboard Intro Package, we allocate spaces at the park on the day. Spaces are limited to 8-10 people, so please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Anyone wanting to ride at GC Wake Park must watch the safety video, register an account and sign the waiver. Riders over the age of 18 need their own account to sign the waiver. Riders under 18 will need a parent or guardian to create an account, sign the waiver on their behalf detailing their name and date of birth. We strongly recommend that this is done before arriving at the park to save time.

Is the park open today?

Our opening hours change with the seasons and if there are any special events. Go to the Hours & Contact page for the complete listing.

How many obstacles are there?

We’re always tweaking and refining the lake so riding doesn’t become stale. At the moment we have 8 obstacles for intermediate to advanced riders to hit on the main cable. The System 2.0 may have a rotating obstacle schedule so that riders of all skill levels can dabble in some obstacle action.

What sort of obstacles are there?

We have a range of kickers, sliders and combo boxes of varying skill levels. Our obstacles are designed and built by wakeboarding – and specifically cable wakeboarding – professionals who have spent countless hours building, testing and riding the best setups in the world.

What is the capacity and how many laps can I do?

There is a maximum of eight riders on the main cable at once and one rider on the System 2.0. During busy periods we will cap the maximum number of laps per take-off to 3 full laps so that everyone can rotate around and get a fair go. You can line up to ride as many times as you want in your allocated ticket period.


Can I hire equipment at the park?

Yes. Basic wakeboards and kneeboards are included in the price of your ticket. You also get the mandatory helmet and vest. Please note that these are not for use on any of our obstacles. We have obstacle boards for hire separately. See a member of staff for details.

Can I use my own board?

Yes, you can bring your own board. If you want to hit our obstacles, you will need to remove any removable fins. Please be aware that hitting obstacles may cause board damage for which GC Wake Park is not liable. Boards with footstraps are unable to be used on any obstacles.

Do you hire wetsuits?

Yes, we have a selection of wetsuits to hire. The cost to hire these is on our prices page. We do recommend you bring your own wetsuits through the winter months if you have them.


Do you hire the cable out for private functions?

Yes, we hire out the cable from 8-10am (before we are open to the public). Please email us at info@gcwakepark.com.au for more details.

Where is the Gold Coast Wakepark?

34 Maudsland Rd, Oxendford QLD. For more information on opening hours and contacting us please visit the Hours and Contact page.