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Divisions are ability based, not age based so allows riders of all levels a chance to get involved. The emphasis is on fun and involvement!  Podium prizes and great fun for all the family.


Three (3) events at Gold Coast Wake Park. To be eligible for overall prizes must attend all 3 events.  $33 entry fee for each event.

FORMAT – Points Chase Triple Crown is a jam style format with multiple riders on the water competing against each other. Carriers will be full when necessary. The operator will place all riders on the water one after another. Everyone will get a predetermined amount of time on the water (time should be calculated to coincide with 6 laps of the course). Time will start once all the riders in that group are on the water. Time will be started by the judging panel when they are ready and will be sounded by a horn and/or raising of a flag to signify the scoring has started. The contest will continue for the predetermined time and the finish will be again sounded by the judging panel by the sound of the horn and/or lowering of the flag. The operator will then immediately fork off all remaining riders. If a rider falls during the event they need to swim to shore, run back to the dock and get on any available carrier as it comes around.

Riders must wear the correct coloured contest bibs as outlined on the start list. Judges do not have rider names and with multiple riders on the water together will be judging solely by bib colour. Each contest and each park may determine how many and which obstacles are being used in each contest, and also when and where water tricks may be performed on the course. This does not need to be the same for each contest and may be varied according to rider numbers, judging availability and simply to mix it up for the riders.

SCORING – Riders will be scored on all obstacles nominated as part of the contest and will be allowed one water trick per lap performed in a predetermined area of the course (normally before the motor tower). Each obstacle or pair of obstacles (when obstacles in the same vicinity on the left and right of the cable are paired) and the water trick section will be judged individually by individual judges. Each judge will award placings on that obstacle or water trick from 1st to last in each group of riders. All judges placing scores from each obstacle will be added together at the end of each group to determine the winner. As the numbers being added together are actually their placings on each obstacle or water trick then the lowest score is the winner.

JUDGING – Each judge will award a score out of 10 every time a rider hits their obstacle or performs a water trick. At the end of each group, the judges will pick the 2 highest scores achieved by each rider (their 2 best hits or tricks) on their obstacle or water trick and will add these together to get a total score for their BEST 2 tricks. From these scores, they will rank riders 1st to last on their obstacle (or water trick).

When 2 obstacles are paired these scores may be achieved on either obstacle or a combination of the 2 obstacles. There is no penalty for only using 1 obstacle of an obstacle pair. Judges will however award higher scores for the more difficult obstacle of the 2 if the pairing is seen to be uneven. Judges will award points based upon the degree of difficulty, intensity and quality of execution. If a tie in points exists between 2 riders on any obstacle the judge may then go to their 3rd trick to separate the tie. If a tie still exists he may then go to the 4th trick and so on until the tie is broken. Failure to hit an obstacle will score a zero, and last place. Failure to land and ride away from an attempt at an obstacle will also score but will be placed above a rider that does not attempt that obstacle at all.

In the case of a tie between judges, scoring will revert back to the rider with the highest positions/lowest score.


Gold Coast – Saturday, February 5th (8:30 AM – 12:00 pm)

Gold Coast – Saturday, April 30th (8:30 AM – 12:00 PM)

Gold Coast – Saturday, May 21st (8:30 AM – 12:00 PM)

Division Guidelines

Points Chase Triple Crown Division Guidelines

Kids Club Girls & Kids Club Boys  – This group is designed for youngsters 13 years or under, who are just entering the sport. This division is designed with encouragement in mind so flexibility in rules and decisions should be paramount. For this division, the cable will run at reduced speed and should be open to those that can only just make full laps at standard cable speed. (no obstacles)

Rookie Men’s & Rookie Women’s – This group is designed for first-timers as an entry-level for riders of any age or any sex to ride together. It is usually reserved for riders that are only able to hit a limited number of obstacles out of the standard course.

Kickers: Spins – Front Side 180s Only, No Inverts, No spins.

Air Tricks: No Air tricks, slide water tricks allowed, ollie 180 front side and backside and slashing.

Rails: Judges Discretion. No Transfers (butter rail transfer OK) no 270 on, no blind 180 on

Men’s & Women’s Intermediate

Kickers: Spins – Front Side 540s and backside 360s Only. All Basic Inverts allowed in Run (No 360 Inverts or blind landing inverts)

Air Tricks: Basic Air tricks, No Blind Landing Tricks or mobes.

Rails: Judges Discretion. No 270 on, no blind 180 on

Men’s Advanced

Kickers: Spins – Front Side and backside 720s Only. No 900 degree spins. All Basic Inverts, basic blind tricks and 360 inverts.

Air Tricks: Basic Air tricks, Blind Landing Tricks allowed.HS mobes only are allowed

Rails: Judges Discretion. Transfers allowed. TS and HS blind 180 on allowed. HS/TS 360 on not

Men’s & Women’s Open – This group is designed for pro riders or their equivalent standard – NO restrictions

Wakeskate – Open & NO restrictions