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We are so keen to have you and your school visit Gold Coast Wake Park, that we’ve put together a package of pedagogic resources to make your planning easier.

We even have a designated school’s co-ordinator!

Risk Assessment

In preparation of your visit, we’ve reviewed the Department of Education and Training’s ‘CARA activity guidelines.

Currently there is no specific activity guideline for cable wakeboarding – so you’ll need to select ‘other’ as the category type in One School (or school activity register).

We’ve started to complete a CARA generic template for you HERE

Risk Planning

We believe our park’s managed activity risk level is LOW – however there are a couple of medium elements identified in the risk planner.

CLICK HERE for our draft risk planner.

duty of care

All staff at Gold Coast Wake Park have ‘Working with children Blue Cards’.

Our staff are also trained in
First Aid, CPR, Royal Life Saving Bronze Medallion & deep-water patient extraction techniques.

Parent/Caregiver permission is completed through online
pre-registration HERE.

Want to Find Out More?

If you have any questions about any of the school or after school activities – please contact us

0755 228 222 or